We have imported a fully Automatic 3 Side Gusset Non Woven Bag Making Machine as well as 4 color Flexographic printing machine which will enable us to provide to you bags in any color, design, print, GSM and size. We manufacture a wide variety of Non-woven Bags at very competitive prices and can also provide additional features like Handle Shape, D cut , Shoe Bag and T shirt Cut Bags

We also provide printing on non woven fabric rolls upto 45" in various fancy prints as well as have developed aprons, table mats and many more consumer items out of Non Woven Cloth at a very nominal price.

Polypropylene Non Woven.(PP NW)

  • A fabric obtained without weaving
  • Unique, High-tech engineered fabrics made by polyproplyene fibres.
  • Soft & Light weighted
  • Economical to produced compared to paper bags.
  • Can be made with a variety of designs. dimensions and color.
  • Innovative, Versatile.
  • Classified as a technical textile by ministry of texttiles, GOI.
  • Available indigenously and abudantly.

PP NW fabric is a preferred material for manufacturing many products including shopping bags.
PP NW fabric is also extensively used for manufacturing products for Personal hygiene and medical applications like face masks, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, surgical gowns, drapes etc.

A brief comparison is given below between PP NW bags Vis-a- Vis Paper bags

Parameters Paper Bags PP NW bags
Raw Material source Trees By product of Petroleum refinery
Raw Material used Natural wood pulp derived from trees with chemical/dyes and bleaches Chemically inert/non toxic Polypropylene
Contact with foodstuff Safe Safe
Pollutionrisk(Across production/Conversion/Usages/Recycling) High(Effluents from bleaching and other chemical treatments) Low
Energy recovery(During Incineration) High Low
Decomposition Low High
Reusability Biodegradable and degrade relatively quickly in landfills and other sites Photodegradable/Completely incinerates without any production of poisonous pollutant.
Recyclability Poor Excellent
Strength Good Excellent
Storage space Poor Excellent
Cost More Less
Water resistance High Low
Breathability No Yes
Fire resistance Poor Excellent
Printability Nil Moderate
Weight Excellent Excellent
Washability Heavy light weight
Operational convenience Poor Excellent
Enduseperformance (W.r.t.bursting/Damage/Spillage etc) Good Excellent
Availability Poor Excellent
Conversion process into products Abundant and easy Abundant and easy
Aesthetics Slow Easy and fast
Availability Good Excellent

Prof Paolo Galli, Former president of Montell Technology had demonstrated the superiority of Polypropylene over paper through their entire life cycle viz. Production, Conversion, Use and Disposal with regards to Energy and pollution.

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